Tom Coles, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor at Boise Airport, talks about the BOC's hands-on approach and the immediate applicability of his training at one of his 123 facilities.

Dennis Bursell, Facilities and Maintenance Manager at Clark Fork Valley Hospital in Plains, Montana, talks about his BOC training and the value of certifying his staff.

Tom Javins, Associate Director of Engineering and Utilities at the University of Montana, recommends BOC training because "in our industry, if you're not learning, you're falling behind."

I have been doing maintenance on buildings and heavy equipment for 30 plus years. I can fix almost anything. Since BOC, I can now add preventive maintenance to make a difference in energy conservation and control of pollution. I am looking forward to attending more advanced classes in the near future.
— Lewis Dyer, Ada County Operation, Boise, Idaho

Being new to this profession, the BOC program was an ideal opportunity to increase my skills and knowledge that operating today’s complex buildings require. Through attending the BOC program, I have learned more in the 8 class sessions than I had in my previous few years of experience on the job. I feel now that I am clear asset to my building and the city, and have gone from a reactive approach to a proactive approach with the knowledge and understanding I have garnered.
— Alex Wade, Facilities Development, City Of Nampa, Idaho