The Level I course includes eight one-day classes. The course devotes significant content to the topics of HVAC controls, common opportunities for operational improvements, and building scoping for energy efficiency. 

Federal Buildings Personal Training Act (NEW!)

The BOC program is now approved by GSA as a Federal Buildings Personnel Training Act (FBPTA)-aligned training provider. Additionally, BOC is on the GSA Contract Schedule which provides Federal personnel with discounted pricing on tuition pricing as well as easier access to contracting.

Upcoming Courses

BOC Level I; Missoula, MT. Courses begin October 1!

BOC Level I: Missoula, MT

October 1, 2, 3 2019 BOC 1001, 1001

October 29, 30 31, 2019 BOC 1003, 1004, 1005

November 20, 21 2019 BOC 1006, 1007

Attention Northwestern Energy customers!!

NorthWestern Energy customers - Prequalified tuition scholarships ($1,450) are offered to non-profit hospitals, public schools, State of Montana, city and county government facilities personnel - recipients will be notified prior to class – qualifications apply.

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