What is Intermountain Building Operators Association?

IBOA is a resource for facility professionals and employers alike. By joining IBOA, employees have the opportunity to upgrade skills, interact with other professionals, gain technical knowledge and enhance professional opportunities for advancement through training and professional certification. IBOA offers employers and management capable staff, reduced energy costs and extended equipment life.

Every facility depends greatly on the people responsible for its upkeep and maintenance. No other group within a facility has as much impact on a building's daily operations and related costs as the building operator.

The Intermountain Building Operators Association, Inc. recognizes the importance and the need for a good operations and maintenance program.

The Intermountain Building Operators Association offers high-quality, low-cost, multi-level training and competency certification to building operators and key decision-makers in the operation and maintenance of commercial buildings. In addition, IBOA offers an organizational network for building operators to further improve skill levels, stimulate morale, convey common problems, seek solutions and share successful practices with others through conferences, meetings, newsletters, etc.

IBOA members have the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in equipment and technologies, appropriate maintenance techniques and operational practices, and other facility-related matters through: publications, training sessions, seminars, conferences and meetings. These activities provide opportunities for you to meet other personnel to learn about common problems and their solutions.